Friday, October 29, 2010

Confetti Blue Bombshell Swatches

This a gorgeous color. It absolutely GLOWS in real life. It was pretty sheer, but I still love it. The pictures are with 4 coats. Any green you see in the pics is from the flash. =( It's a deeper blue in real life, no green in it. I wish I could show you how pretty it really is but once again my camera just won't capture it.

This is the most color accurate picture as far as the type of blue it is. It's much deeper and vivid in real life.

These next pictures are washed out a bit but look how glowy it is! Imagine the glow you see in these mixed with the deep blue above.

I am going to try this color again soon using the syrup/ombre technique. I think this color would look awesome like that!

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