Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Oilies and other beauty ramblings

I love summer and all but the heat makes my face so greasy! I apply my makeup and not even an hour later it's already melting off. Blah. It's not even that hot here, what gives!? I guess it's all a part of getting old ... lol. Time to spend more money on some skin mattify-ing products!

More stash pics are coming soon! I am trying to decide which drawer to do next. I am thinking the palettes drawer since that might take the least amount of time. LOL. I'm so lazy lately. But they are coming soon!

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect hot pink lip stick. Not bright baby pink, not fuchsia, a true hot pink. Like the one in the picture under the cut! That one is Givenchy and I can't afford it but I'm hoping I can find a cheaper similar color soon.



  1. NYX has one (Hot Pink, the very first swatch):

  2. Sweet, thanks! I didn't even think of NYX but their black label lipsticks are really nice!